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My last meeting for the day was with a Health Adviser. There was no hiding today I had to give honest answers regarding my lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits that took me from a size 32 to an uncomfortable 40. I’m just too busy people. A lot of women understand and know this. For us mothers our kids’ health is key because we have been there with our own mammas! They must finish the veggies, they must have a fruit a day, they must drink water and the list goes on and on. Oooops, what about us mums in all this????

So I had to write down all the wrong things I currently do like; skipping breakfast because kids will be late for school, too much sugar in my coffee, not snacking at all, having that rushed huge lunch to compensate for the missed meals and drinking water when I’m thirsty or happen to be near a tap. And not forgetting those “me-time” moments at McD with a Mcflurry and extra large fries…. I’m really terrible I tell you. Now that I’m looking at it, it’s been a desperate denial situation. Thank goodness, I picked it up early and I’m ready to fly back to that energetic girl! One good thing though is I have never liked eating bread so that is a big plus for me because those kind of carbs are a no go area…

This was an hour long check up of everything in my body! A choice I believe will add more years to my life. So the action item here is to draw up a plan, it’s a 90 day plan and I’m really going to challenge myself. Especially knowing that a healthy lifestyle is 80% what you take in and only 20% of exercise. Bonus points- hubby will be joining me in this healthy living and exercise venture. 90 days, here we come:-)

Key things going forward: Drinking enough water, Having the right amount of proteins through out the day, Taking time to rest and Making sure I have a meal / snack every 2.5hours. For my current height and age I have 12kgs to lose in order to get to the right space.